Who We Are

We are proud to be the leading commission advance company!

I have been in the consumer financial service sector for 23 years. Finding creative solutions for my clients whether they are direct consumers or businesses is the expertise I have developed over the years. It’s simple- I Identify the need and provide solutions

Why Minute Funding?

Low Rates

Guaranteed low rates with NO hidden fees.

Safe & Secure

All information is encrypted and we never share your personal information.

Grace Period

You have 15 days from closing to pay your advance without any additional cost.

Tax Benefit

The fee associated with your commission advance is a tax deductible business expense.

About Minute Funding

As an expert in consumer financial services, I saw first hand, that my real estate friends were not getting the same level of financial support and assistance as other professionals. I decided to do something about it… Minute Funding is set up to to make real estate agents smart business people as well as great salesmen.

Commission paid when you need it!

Whereas large companies and corporations in this business might be limited to how much they go out of the norm, we do not! We are here to service the real estate agent.”

“My mission is to transform the real estate business by offering out of box financial solutions for out of the box problems.”

Core Values

Our clients come first!


Minute Funding Testimonials

Minute Funding is so simple! I am able to get my money, pay my expenses, and concentrate on what I do best, sell houses, and all before my deal is even closed. Great service and easy process. Why go anywhere else? I will always recommend Minute Funding.