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Minute Funding provides you with the most amount of your commission with the lowest fees. Commission advance fees can be complicated. At Minute Funding our rates are easy to understand and you will know the full cost of the transaction upfront.

The advantages of choosing Minute Funding are highlighted below, assuming a $10,000 advance for 30 days

Commission Advance Estimator

New customers receive 30% off!

Min: $750 Max: $25000

  • New customers receive 30% off with code NEW30
  • There is no upfront fee to use this service (fee is paid automatically at closing)
  • Example is based on an agent transaction closing within 30 days
  • Advance limits vary based on sales production and/or license designation
  • There is a 15-day grace period from the closing date to have the advance repaid without incurring additional fees
  • Advances closing beyond 30 days, or advances to managing brokers/owners will be subject to an additional fee


Minute Funding Testimonials.

As a real estate agent I live check by check. Minute Funding helps me bridge the gaps and for that I am deeply grateful. I can always trust that they are there for me… that gives me peace of mind and money in my bank. Thanks Minute Funding!