We help you balance your cash flow by paying your commission up front, when you seal the deal. No credit checks or membership dues. Just fast, friendly service that gives you your money when you want it.

What is a Commission Advance?

A commission advance is a financial service for real estate brokers so they can access their commission before a deal closes.
It’s simple access to funds without the wait.

How It Works

<span>1.</span>Who are eligible for commission advances?

1.Who are eligible for commission advances?

We are proud to serve licensed residential real estate agents . Do you have a residential contract signed and waiting to close? If so, then Minute Funding is a great option for you.

<span>2.</span>What kind of contracts qualify for Commissions?

2.What kind of contracts qualify for Commissions?

We honor- commissions from the sale of single-family residential property including townhomes and condominiums, REO property and new construction. They all qualify.

<span>3.</span>How fast will I receive my funds?

3.How fast will I receive my funds?

Once we receive a complete application, your file will be underwritten within one business day. Approved applications are funded within one hour. Most clients elect to have the funds wired into their checking account upon approval so they have immediate access to the funds

<span>4.</span>What happens if the sale doesn't close?

4.What happens if the sale doesn't close?

To minimize the potential risk and safeguard your financial security, Minute Funding agents are protected by our unique substitution program. Your advance is repaid from your next closing. Or, you can simply pay us from other funds.

Commission Advance Estimator

New customers receive 30% off!

Min: $750 Max: $25000

  • New customers receive 30% off with code NEW30
  • There is no upfront fee to use this service (fee is paid automatically at closing)
  • Example is based on an agent transaction closing within 30 days
  • Advance limits vary based on sales production and/or license designation
  • There is a 15-day grace period from the closing date to have the advance repaid without incurring additional fees
  • Advances closing beyond 30 days, or advances to managing brokers/owners will be subject to an additional fee